Photography Basics

Three of the most basic rules for photography include:  Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Depth of Field. In this post I will be taking apart elements in professional pictures which include these three concepts, as well as pictures taken personally by me.

Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds.jpg

Photo taken by Brit Jaye:


This photo is a perfect example of the rule of thirds; the focus of the picture (the girl) lands right on the top right intersection. This is a pleasing place that catches your eye right away.

FullSizeRender (7)

photo taken by Ella Sampson (me!)

Screenshot (1).png

Just like in the first picture, the subject of this photo lands on intersecting lines in the grid. This picture is focused on the upper left corner, where our eyes are first drawn to. The extra space, or blank space, is balance out nicely between the rock and the sky.

Leading Lines

leading lines

Photo taken by Jim Zuckerman:

Screenshot (6)

In Jim’s photo he uses a plethora of leading lines. Because of the angle and position he chose, each row of flowers leads to the single windmill. These leading lines direct our eyes to the main focus of the photo -directly where the photographer wants us to look.

Screenshot (9).png

Photo taken Ella Sampson

Screenshot (7).png

I originally took this photo because of the great positioning of lines. The sidewalk, ramp, fence, and wall all lead to the subject of the photo.

Depth of Field


Photo from, found at:

2017-05-12 (1)

I chose this photo because it is a nice, clear, and simple example if depth of filed. The pool ball if the focus of the photo, and the background remains blurry. This adds depth to the photo, so your observers can see the amount of depth between objects

Screenshot (2)

Photo taken by Ella Sampson

Screenshot (3)

I used a very similar style of depth for my photo; you can see the apple quite clearly, and the background has a slight blur to it. This allows for us to see how far it is in between objects, as well as it creates a focal point.

These are just a few of the basics of photography. The rule of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field all create nice focal points for our eyes to gravitate to. Some pictures may even have all three of these elements if you look close enough!


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