Creative Advertising

A picture can say a thousand words. In the case of advertising, a picture can send a message with hidden meaning that draws you in, without interpreting the product in a literal way. this is done with creative advertising. For this specific project, I was given toothpaste as a product to advertise. My target audience was male and females 25-34 years old, with a bachelor’s degree and income of $40,000-$50,000. Specifically male and females in a relationship who watch TV and use social media.

My first ad was created specifically for a TV, and the second was condensed down into the size of a phone for social media. \

creative ad final

creative ad small

In this design I used elements of typography, alignment, repetition, and color. The typography I used here is a slab serif. The text is all aligned consistently, and there is repetition in the color scheme of blue and red. The ad appeals to my target audience, because it catches the attention of the children of those in the age range (25-34 year olds in a relationship).



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