Sliding into Design

A great way to show off your work is to put it into a slide-show presentation. If you really want to impress people, then create your own slides from scratch using indesign and photoshop. For this example, I created an ad for coke that goes along with this particular ad campaign. I followed the original design’s design, typography, and color.

In my slides, I followed the same design elements that I discuss in the ads. I created a layout with the color scheme of black/gray, red, and white. I also used the same slab serif typography as was used in my ad design. The overall look of the slides is clean and simple, just as coke products and ads always are.

My demographics for this entire design are women aged 20-40. You can see in each ad that it is a female arm, reaching out to grab the coke that they love so dearly.

It’s important to end your slides simple so whoever you are presenting to knows you are finished. You can leave some kind of logo to remind them the overall theme of your presentation.

coke ad final pic 1coke ad final pic 2coke ad final pic 3coke ad final pic 4coke ad final pic 5coke ad final pic 6coke ad final pic 7

The link to the original ad can be found here. The images in the second ad were taken by myself.


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